Here are some links which may help you find answers to questions you may have about government services, information about government services, and community news and entertainment.

Commission District E

Let’s begin with Commission District E which I currently represent. I often refer to this area as “the heart of Las Vegas.”

Clark County residents are divided into seven Commission districts. All districts boundaries were changed to assure an even distribution of citizens in each District.

Following that redistricting, District E’s shape changed somewhat. It is now is very roughly bounded by Tropicana on the south; Hollywood on the east; Charleston to the north; and Decatur to the west. A portion on the eastern side borders both Boulder Highway and Lake Mead Parkway.


I receive many calls on issues which are generally handled by local government instead of state government. Because of this overlap, I’ve appeared many times before city and county boards in support of neighborhood issues. In this area of town, many people are surprised to learn that the City of Las Vegas actually ends on the north side of Sahara Avenue.

Las Vegas, Clark County, and the State of Nevada

Of course, everything is within Clark County. But, for Commission District E it is important to note that if you have a question about zoning, street conditions, or graffiti and you live north of Sahara Avenue, you would contact the City of Las Vegas. If you live south of Sahara Avenue, you need to get in touch with Clark County. Here are the web addresses for each:

The Nevada Legislature meets in Carson City every two years and--occasionally--in a special session. To learn more about the legislature, just click on this link:

As you know, the Nevada Legislature is one of the three parts of state government: legislative, executive and judicial. To look at the various offices in the executive branch, this link will take you there:

Elections, campaigns and ethics

Within state government, there are two specific links you might like to look at if you are interested in politics and elections. For general information on elections, a look at election history in Nevada, or to see the contribution and expenditure reports of various candidates, I recommend the Secretary of State’s Election Division. For questions on the ethical behavior of candidates, elected officers, and appointed officials, there’s the official site of the Nevada Commission on Ethics.

If you are not certain which elected officials represent the area where you live, need information on your polling place, or have a question about voting, you can find more information through the Clark County Election Department website.

Other governmental agencies

There are a number of governmental agencies that also have a direct impact on our lives but aren’t usually found in any of the websites above. Here are some links to them.

Of interest to seniors

  • The American Association of Retired Persons is well known on the national level. You can log on at
  • AARP has state groups too. They can be found through the national site, or if you want to skip right to Nevada AARP, use this shortcut
  • Another group making its voice heard on seniors’ issues is the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans. Their national organization has an interesting website covering retirees’ issues

Entertainment you can be proud to listen to

  • And, if you are like me and want to catch lots of news without the commercial interruption, the old KNPR 89.5 FM split into two new stations. The news—and my very favorite “Car Talk”—is now at News KNPR 88.9 FM. You can check them out at:
  • If you have a classical side and want a wide range of great classical music from string quartets to full orchestras, then the new Classical KCNV 89.7 FM is your spot. You can learn about them by clicking on:
  • Then there’s the jazz of KUNV 91.5 FM with twenty-four hours of jazz each day, Monday through Friday, and a mix from African to bluegrass to salsa on Saturday and Sunday. If soft jazz in the morning and Miles, Monk and Coltrane are your groove in the evening, tune in or check their site at:

And remember, if you like what these three fine public radio stations offer, they certainly appreciate your donations which help keep them on the air. My husband and I volunteered during a KUNV pledge drive, and we had a ball answering phones and taking pledges.

News and Views to Use

Adopt a pet

My husband and I enjoy our dogs and try to give them a good home. From young children to the elderly, pets can provide companionship, love and fun. Yet we have thousands of stray animals—often deserted by their owners—which are put down each year. For a low fee, you can do something to save an animal and bring happiness into your home by adopting a pet. Here are three of the most reputable sources in Southern Nevada. Please take a look.

  • The City of Las Vegas in conjunction with the Lied Animal Foundation has pages and pages of animals in need of adoption
  • The Las Vegas Humane Society’s informational site carries specific adoption information at
  • The Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals operates a no kill animal sanctuary and lists animals available for adoption at