Philosophy of Service


I truly enjoy my service as the Clark County Commissioner here in District E. Before my election to the County Commission I served as state assemblywoman for eight terms. People often ask why I continue my public service. I don’t have a short answer for that question, but here’s why I enjoy what I do.

I am actively involved in this community and have an understanding of what works, and what does not. I apply that understanding to my job as Commissioner, working to find compassionate, common sense solutions.

I am willing to take a stand—even against vested interests—when I believe the cause is right and everyday people depend on the outcome. I fought against government acquiring private property under the guise of eminent domain, and forced political parties to reveal their contribution sources. I try to create open debate on issues which affect our community.

I have a reputation for knowing the issues and how our ordinances and rules affect all sides. I have worked on and testified for creating the newly consolidated regional housing authority, sponsored the Cool Counties ordinance to help reduce our carbon footprint, the lobbyist registration ordinance, and the sustainability for a greener Clark County ordinances among others. I work closely with neighborhood organizations, Metro Police, businesses, arts groups and community organizations to help build a better District E.

Chris and kid

I am easily accessible to those I represent. My husband and I have lived in the same part of town since 1987 and folks know where I live. I pride myself in quickly returning phone calls, personally answering letters, and responding to my e-mail.

The quality of representation is the key to every pressing issue. The needs of our neighborhoods—streets, traffic, recreation, security, the needs of our community—jobs, water, honest representation, and the quality of our lives require common sense and compassionate representation.

While some issues may not be important to everyone, they are often quality of life issues which are very important to those affected. That’s why I’ve worked on ordinances at the request of constituents including the trap, neuter and release of feral cats, securing abandoned homes to keep out vagrants and children, minimizing ice cream truck noise (especially when parked near homes) and eradication of killer bees.

Other localized activities include the formation of a number of Neighborhood Pride Zones and conducting many Neighborhood Cleanup Drives. In these cleanup activities, we have used kids from the detention facility to pick up trash and eradicate graffiti as part of their community service requirements. I work directly with them and help supervise.

I stay actively involved in our community. I’ve worked in organizations as diverse as the Nevada Association for the Handicapped, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Central Development Committee. I learn and contribute, as a citizen, a legislator, and now as Commissioner.

I’ve expanded my participation with PLAN, NOW, the John S. Park, Beverly Green, and Southridge Neighborhood Associations, Metro Arts, NAACP, and the Nevada Conservation League.

I will take a stand when the issues are important and affect real people in real ways. I am tenacious. I will stick with a project to see it through no matter how powerful the opposition or how long it takes.

I measure each vote by what I believe is right for the people I represent, asking myself how they would vote if they were here instead of me.