Dear Friend,

For the last four years I’ve tried to be the sort of County Commissioner you can be proud of. I’ve worked at it full time, every day. I’ve held Town Hall meetings, organized and participated in neighborhood clean-up programs, and stood up to powerful interests when I thought they were wrong. But I couldn’t have done it without the help of many others.

Now, I’m starting the campaign for a second term. And I need your help for this effort, too.

You don’t have to live in Commission District E to volunteer in my campaign. What you do need is a shared belief that by working together we can accomplish a great deal.

Please join our efforts to put people back into political campaigns and responsive representation back on our County Commission. Just fill out this brief form and hit the “Submit” button.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to working with you.


Chris Giunchigliani
Clark County Commissioner, District E

Join Chris’s Corps!

Please fill in this short form and check any areas you are interested in helping with. Working together we can put people back into political campaigns!

Chris, I want to help put people back into the decision making process. I’m willing to help your campaign in the following ways I’ve marked below.

Use my name as a supporter.
I’ll write postcards to my friends in District E.
I want to volunteer to walk a precinct with you for two hours on your Super Saturdays.
I can make phone calls to voters on your behalf.
Keep me up-to-date on specific projects by sending me an occasional e-mail.
I will host a “house party” for you at my home and invite my neighbors to come meet you.

A note about our lists: We do not sell, trade or give away our lists or information about our volunteers. Information sent to us is protected by secure servers.