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    We, whatever talents or companies, are in a quick changing environment, Meession are ready to the acute changes and challenges, and ready to help our clients and talents to cope with the confronted alternations, we are dedicated on the talents seeking for our clients. However, no companies who can get all the market shares, no exemples including your company and Meession, according to traits of our clients, and segment the business domain, we pinpoint the segmented market for them, and offer consulting services for our candidates, the professional services covers the following fields:
Accroding to the report given by CNNIC(China Internet and Network Information Center), China had 420 million of internet subscribers by the end of June 2010, cover 31.8% of the total population. Mobile internet subscribers become the major pushing force of the increment of subscriber scale surging, with an increment of 43.34 millions in half a year to 277 million in total, equally to a 18.6% of increment ratio, considerably, the online buyers reach 144 millions with the upsurge of internet commercialization, subscribers of online paymen business, online shopping and online banking increased by 30%, far more than other online applications. The senior consultants of Meession, with the full understanding of internet business, surely can offer top quality services for our internet business ranges :
- Traditional Internet
- Mobile Internet
- online payment and value-added service

Financial & Bank
According to the blueprint of Shanghai International Financial Center, as the 15th national plan, to 2010, the immediate capital volume will be increased to 25% of the total domestic capital volume; The total trade volume of Shanghai financial market will reach 80 thousand billion RMB. The asset share of Shanghai financial insititutions will climb to 10% of the total domestic finacial assets. However, Financial center are not measured by business volume, but finacial functionalities. Nowadays, it's the gold time window of forming the foundamental framework of Shanghai International Financial Center, We are looking forward Shanghai to step out more stable and consolidate paces. Meession depends its senior financial expertises and teams, will serve the institutions of this field by the most integrated and all-round services, includings but not limited on:
- consumer banking
- corporation banking
- Investment banking
- Financial infrastructure and supervising)

In China, as the introduce of the most cut-edge telecommunicational technologies, the actualization of communicating with anywone in anywhere at anytime. Whereas the surprisingly development, in the short decade, four big communication companies of China developed from none to something, from weak to strong, China Mobile grows to be one of the most largest communication groups. The chinese telecom equipment vendors, terminator and service providers, take Huawei, ZTE, Datang for examples, the development on technologies and business is amazing, herein, the demands of excellent talents are also thrives, we hold the most excellent and experienced advisors and consultants, will offer communicational companies with with the most excellent and outstanding services. Our services range from:
- Core network
- Transmission Network
- Access Network
- Wireless Network
- Application, soft and Solution

Universe Information technologies
Software and software outsourcing, talents development and cultivation, capitalizing and investment in Software, protection of intellectual properties, Information Security, foundamental sofware, industrial software, games, business information service, educational information, Medicial Information, logistical information, informative administration busniess, digital publishing and software and information service relevancies such as SAAS/PAAS/IAAS/DBAAS, search engine, intellecutal earth, cloud computing, digital muniplatian are developing thrively in China, all sorts of companies are growing and commercing here. Meession are ready the server these companies with all sorts of support and help, our business can cover:
- Infrastructure and middle-ware
- Industrial Solution
- Security & Risk management)
- Business Intelligencies(BI), Data analysis and data mining

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